About Us

Meet our team, shaping the skill-based mobile gaming experience.

At Mobile Esports™, our journey is fueled by a team of seasoned professionals with decades of collective experience in the dynamic realm of skill-based gaming. With a rich history of pioneering ventures, we've played pivotal roles in shaping some of the earliest platforms in real money and Blockchain based gaming.

Our diverse expertise spans across various facets of the industry, from technological innovation to user experience design. Committed to pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming, we bring together a wealth of knowledge and a passion for innovation to create immersive experiences that resonate with players worldwide.

Play Games & Earn Rewards

The Mobile Esports mission is to create a network of mobile gaming platforms, incentivizing players and encompassing play-to-win and play-and-earn models.

Mobile Esports: Play & Win is a free-to-play tournaments platform where players can compete in hundreds of tournaments and have the chance to win real prizes. It offers a thrilling gaming experience while rewarding players for their skills.

Coming Soon! Mobile Esports: Play & Earn app empowers players to win Bitcoin through mobile tournaments and tasks. It offers a thrilling gaming experience while allowing users to earn cryptocurrency rewards.

Putting Players First: Our Core Values

At Mobile Esports, our team prioritizes players above all else. We are dedicated to crafting engaging experiences, fostering fair competition, and ensuring that every decision we make ultimately benefits our valued players.


Mobile Esports team constantly innovates player experience, striving to introduce new features, enhance gameplay, and create an immersive environment that keeps players engaged and excited.

Team Work

The Mobile Esports team thrives on collaboration, pooling diverse talents and perspectives to achieve common goals, foster innovation, and deliver exceptional experiences to players


At Mobile Esports, creativity flows freely as our team continuously explores new ideas, designs innovative gameplay features, and pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming to delight players


The Mobile Esports team is deeply committed to excellence, dedicating ourselves to crafting high-quality gaming experiences, supporting our community, and continuously improving our platform.


Transparency is a cornerstone of our operations at Mobile Esports, as we prioritize open communication, honesty, and accountability to build trust with our players and stakeholders.


Mobile Esports thrives on collaboration, working closely with developers, partners, and players to co-create innovative solutions, foster a vibrant gaming community, and drive success together.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Find out more about Mobile Esports and how we operate and ways to work with the team.

1. It's Free? What's the catch?

It really is 100% free-to-play without any need to deposit or pay entry fees. There is no catch. All that you 'invest or spend' is your time playing in exciting tournaments.

3. What Are The Prizes? Can I win real cash?

At the moment our Prizes are limited to Gift Vouchers from over 2000+ brands from around the world. Prizes are redeemed instantly without having to wait. Additional Prizing options will be annnounced soon.

5. What are Ranking Points?

Ranking Points are earned when you play in tournaments, rank on tournament leaderboards and complete tasks within the Mobile Esports app. Your Ranking Points total is collated on the Daily Championship Leaderboard and determines where you rank in the Championship.

7. What is the Daily Championship?

The Daily Championship runs for 24 hours every single day. Players earn Ranking Points by competing in Tournaments. Ranking Points are accumulated directly on the Daily Championship Leaderboard and determine if you are eligible to win Mobile Esports coins.

9. How fast can I redeem my Mobile Esports coins?

You need a minimum of 100 Mobile Esports coins before you can redeem them for Gift Cards. Please note that some Gift Cards have higher minimum redemption values than others.

2. How does Mobile Esports make money?

The Mobile Esports platform is powered by Advertisers, Sponsors and gaming partners. We do not encourage or demand players watch ads or engage with partner offers.

4. What Kind of Games Can I Play?

The Mobile Esports team is committed to onboarding games from all genres from Action, Sports, Arcade through to Endless Runners. Contact us if you wish to request a specific type of game.

6. What are Mobile Esports coins?

Mobile Esports coins are won when you rank in the Top 50 in the Daily Championship. You can also earn Mobile Esports coins by completing specific tasks. Mobile Esports coins can be redeemed for Prizes.

8. When do the Tournaments start and finish?

Tournaments currently run every 30 minutes in the Live Tournament roster. When a tournament finishes a new one begins within the next minute. Mobile Esports run over 500 tournaments every single day.

10. How quickly do I get my Prize or Gift Cards?

Mobile Esports coins are added to your Player Wallet within seconds of the Daily Championship conclusion. Gift Card digital codes are available instantly when you successfully complete your order. Our Support team are here to make sure that your prizes are allocated in a timely manner.

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