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Mobile Esports allows you to invite your friends and family and create tournaments, exclusively for you.

The 'grassroots' of Mobile Esports.

Our team believes in making Esports accessible to all gamers where possible. Practice, play and perfect your skills and become the next Mobile Esports star.

Instant Prizes

No waiting around, redeem your prizes instantly and enjoy the spoils of victory!

Win Real Prizes from the leading brands!

With over 1000+ brands available we have something for everyone, no matter where you are located.

100% Free-to-Play

Simply download the Mobile Esports app, create an account and start competing in Live Tournaments.  

  • Hundreds of Live Tournaments every day!
  • Win ranking points in every tournament you play in
  • More Ranking Points = High chance of winning prizes

Coins & Ranking Points

Find out more about our in-game currency and how our ranking points system works. Click the link below.

Featuring games from Top Game Publishers

Play games across multiple genres created by some of the best game studios in the world. Discover new titles as well as 'Mobile Esports Exclusive' games.

Mine & Slash Survival

Epic RPG Survival

Your mission is to stay alive for as long as possible! Hack and slash your way through a dark and dangerous 3D cave filled with skeletons and dragons.

Archery Club Challenge

Become a Master Archer

Battle against thousands of Archers from across the World! Use your Archery skills to collect Ranking Points. Score as many points against the clock. Don't miss!

Royal Merge

Merge Your Way To Victory

Merge and match the the garments and shoes against the clock. Practice makes perfect in this adrenaline fuelled mode.

What our Mobile Esports Players are saying

Check out some of the comments from our early stage competitors. We know it's not always easy to please everyone but we listen to every piece of feedback, good and not so good.

Raja Rajeshwaran J

"Thanks Mobile Esports My Problem Solved good & Quick Response for the Mobile Esports customer support team they're solved my Issue Quickly Once again Thankyou for the Mobile Esports customer support team 🙏🙏🙏"

— Raja Rajeshwaran J, January 09, 2024
Paul R Ojeda

"I've been since December of 2023 and so far hands down the top money earning game available, of course being its a new app it does have some glitches and issues via game play, but surprisingly the support team has fixed the issue as soon as I reported it...."

—Paul R Ojeda
January 09, 2024
Asad's Notebook

"My issue was successfully resolved. They do give withdraws. I redeemed over 150$ from this app in past month or so. You can withdraw gift cards by playing games and topping the ladder."

— ASAD's Notebook, January 08 2024
Giorgi Peranidze

"Finally! MANAGED TO WIN AND GOT COINS ! Great app ! Keep new games coming !"

— Giorgi Peranidze, January 06, 2024

Andrei C

"Very cool !"

—Andrei C, November 24, 2023
Wall Herma

"They payout.ty"

— Wall Herma, November 03, 2023
Andrei Manea

"Quite interesting, give it a try!"

— Andrei Manea, December 03, 2023
Paul Obumneme

"It is wonderful:

— Paul Obumneme, February 17, 2024
Ekaterine Juruli

"Best App Ever !"

— Ekaterine Juruli, Jan 21, 2024
Roman Mikula

"Amazing app! They paid thé winnings out straight away"

— Roman Mikula,
November 23, 2023
Sega Tadvi

"This application is very good 👍"

— Sega Tadvi, April 02, 2024
Daze FPZ

"Very challenging, love it"

— Prime Bank (@PM Bank)
December 16, 2023
Reverse The code

"I do not know why this app get 3 rating star.if has 10 star then also low for that,how amazing the app.first thing is that instant redeem, play games and and earn XP and get dollor really amazing concepts."

— Reverse The Code, April 14, 2024
Ali Amir

"Amazing App"

— Ali Amir, April 22, 2024
Tilak Bhandari

"It is a real money earning app!"

— Tilak Bhandari, April 27, 2024

"It is amazing app it gives real prize as a gift card I claimed it myself just play it for few days and then redeem wonderful app."

— Daksh
January 02, 2024
Dhuv Panwar

"This is good app this is giving real payment but leaderboard coin not getting in morning they got on India evening so plz ap request give this leaderboard coin in morning Btw this is real app and easy to earn plz download this is for Self earning app real"

—  Dhuv Panwar. December 24, 2023
Arlene McCoy

“We design and develop modern we solutions with a professional design using latest technologies and trends. say goodbye to time-consuming..”

— Prime Bank (@PM Bank)
December 16, 2023
Omkar Kaldate

"It's great app and it actually gives reward for Playing. I have redeemed rs. 1000 ($12) from this app"

-Omkar Kaldate, May 10, 2024
Ritesh Deheri

"Best Earning App"

-Ritesh Deheri,
Apr 29, 2024

"The best rewards app ever I found on Internet Instant redeem...."

— Uday Shidlyali
March 30, 2024
Ramji Tiwari


— Ramji Tiwari, May 07, 2024
Tata Ratan


— Tata Ratan, May 03, 2024

"It works guys, I downloaded it from Google Play, thanks."

— APOLORD, April 28, 2024
Rajkumari Bhati

"Very good app"

— Rajkumari Bhati, April 28, 2024
Jhakku K.c

"nice good app"

— Jhakku K.c, April 27, 2024
Akash Koshta

"my best app"

— Akash Koshta, April 17, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions.

Find out more about Mobile Esports and how we operate and ways to work with the team.

1. It's Free? What's the catch?

It really is 100% free-to-play without any need to deposit or pay entry fees. There is no catch. All that you 'invest or spend' is your time playing in exciting tournaments.

3. What Are The Prizes? Can I win real cash?

At the moment our Prizes are limited to Gift Vouchers from over 2000+ brands from around the world. Prizes are redeemed instantly without having to wait. Additional Prizing options will be annnounced soon.

5. What are Ranking Points?

Ranking Points are earned when you play in tournaments, rank on tournament leaderboards and complete tasks within the Mobile Esports app. Your Ranking Points total is collated on the Daily Championship Leaderboard and determines where you rank in the Championship.

7. What is the Daily Championship?

The Daily Championship runs for 24 hours every single day. Players earn Ranking Points by competing in Tournaments. Ranking Points are accumulated directly on the Daily Championship Leaderboard and determine if you are eligible to win Mobile Esports coins.

9. How fast can I redeem my Mobile Esports coins?

You need a minimum of 100 Mobile Esports coins before you can redeem them for Gift Cards. Please note that some Gift Cards have higher minimum redemption values than others.

2. How does Mobile Esports make money?

The Mobile Esports platform is powered by Advertisers, Sponsors and gaming partners. We do not encourage or demand players watch ads or engage with partner offers.

4. What Kind of Games Can I Play?

The Mobile Esports team is committed to onboarding games from all genres from Action, Sports, Arcade through to Endless Runners. Contact us if you wish to request a specific type of game.

6. What are Mobile Esports coins?

Mobile Esports coins are won when you rank in the Top 50 in the Daily Championship. You can also earn Mobile Esports coins by completing specific tasks. Mobile Esports coins can be redeemed for Prizes.

8. When do the Tournaments start and finish?

Tournaments currently run every 30 minutes in the Live Tournament roster. When a tournament finishes a new one begins within the next minute. Mobile Esports run over 500 tournaments every single day.

10. How quickly do I get my Prize or Gift Cards?

Mobile Esports coins are added to your Player Wallet within seconds of the Daily Championship conclusion. Gift Card digital codes are available instantly when you successfully complete your order. Our Support team are here to make sure that your prizes are allocated in a timely manner.

Start your Mobile Esports career today

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