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How to Redeem Mobile Esports Coins

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June 4, 2024

How to Redeem your Mobile Esports coins

This article will walk you through how to redeem your hard earned Mobile Esports coins into real prizes. The most important information that you need to know is that you are required to have a minimum of 100 Mobile Esports coins in your wallet before you can begin redeeming Gift Cards and other prizes.

Once you have 100 Coins (or more) then simply click on the Coins icon at the top of the app or by going to the "More" section and then selecting Redeem Winnings. When you reach the Redemption section you will find 3 essential details:

1) Total Winnings - this is your lifetime total of coins earned on Mobile Esports
2) Redeemed Winnings - this is the number of coins that you have successfully redeemed
3) Remaining Winnings - this is the current balance of coins available to redeem. If this number is above 100 then you can proceed in selecting "Redeem Winnings"

You will now be taken to the section where you can exchange your coins for Gift Cards and other prizes.

Make sure that you have a minimum balance of 100 Mobile Esports coins before attempting to redeem.

Additional Information

  • Please note that some Gift Cards have varying minimum values. For example some Gift Cards may have a minimum of $5 or $10 dollars. If this is the case keep hold of your balance and keep earning more coins in order to redeem the Gift Card of choice.
  • The base currency in the Gift Card area is USD $. You are able to exchange the USD value into your currency of choice however some currency restrictions may apply,
  • Not every Gift Card is available in all countries and territories please ensure that you select your country of residence to ensure that you are displayed the available gift cards in your country.
  • Mobile Esports are not responsible for fixing any issues that arise from a player redeeming a gift card that is not available to redeem in their country.